Tsingtao History

The Rise of Tsingtao



Established In 1903

In 1903, settlers from Germany and Great Britain founded Germania-Brauerei-Tsingtao Brewery in Qingdao, China. It was then the earliest and largest brewery in China.

Finest Ingredients

Tsingtao Beer is brewed with high quality imported malting barley, hop, rice and the spring water from the famous Lao Mountains, a famous Taoist holy mountain, using the world advanced brewing techniques and crafted based on its experiences gained in a century.


Share with the World

Tsingtao Beer won gold medal in 1906 in Munich EXPOSITION. Tsingtao entered Canadian market in 1972. Today it is exported to 80 countries and regions all over the world。 It has won numerous awards domestically and internationally, make it one of the most favored choice of beer in the world.

On the front line

Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd. was the first state owned Chinese enterprise listed on the Hongkong Stock Exchange. Tsingtao Beer is the first exported Chinese beer and is among the Top 10 Chinese Global Brands.

Tsingtao is the No. 1 Chinese beer sold in Canada and over the world in term of sales volume.